How to increase children creativity

Dear Readers,

One of the reasons why I choose to homeschool my children is to allow them to be creative. Some parents thought that creativity is to let the children solely decide on what they are going to do. As a parent, I don’t feel this is appropriate. I believe that there is still a need for the parents to guide the children. While giving guidance, some parents may slightly over-controlled on their children, which eventually affects the creativity of the children.

Parents need to know their limit.  Following are three suggestions that you can do to allow your children to be creative: 

1) Stop scolding

Scolding a kid can profoundly affect the confidence and creativity of the kid. The study has shown that children who always being scolded by the parent will make the kids feel unsafe, to tell the truth and to be more creative.

2) Be positive

As parents, sometimes we worry too much with our kids while leaving them playing at the playground. Some parents even overprotective and always staying close to their children while playing. Even worse, some parents do not allow their children to play at the park as they are afraid of their kids will get injured or cause others wound. As such, this will limit their creativity and affect their social skills. As parents, it would be great if you just allow them to play and mingle with their friends and never interfere with their decision unnecessarily. Trust them and be favourable to them. Allow them to climb and fall so that they will learn from their experience and be more creative.

3) Allow them to play

It is true that nowadays, a popular career such as doctor, engineers and lawyer has been one of the aim of many parents for their kids. As such, the children have been bombarded with many random assignments and task which irrelevant to their age. For instance, many children were drilled at the age of 4 to do good maths by sending them to a school that can promise the children to be excellent at a certain age. Worse, there is also a particular kindergarten that claims to be Montessori, yet pressing the children to be extraordinary as per parents request. As a result, the children have less time to play, and worse, some of them can’t differentiate either they are playing or studying.  

Dear parents, we need to let our kids enjoy their playtime. The reason we are unhappy today is due to the drilling that we have when we were kids. Look to your surrounding, how many children have attempted to commit suicide, undergone depression and anxiety, which eventually destroy their creativity. 

Children are naturally creative, it is our responsibility to allow them to use their creativity.  

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