Family trip to Perak, Malaysia

Dear readers,

I found out as a dad to homeschoolers, it is so important to give full support to our wife on raising the kids. It may not be possible if we are there just only to blame our wife for anything that is not of our interest to see.  We may think that the wife is the core in raising the kids. Whereas for the husband, we only help when we think we can or we want. For me, that is not supporting.  It is true that sometimes the husbands are confuse on what aspect should they help.  As a husband, I always think that I don’t want to bring any trouble to the plan that my wife has made.

From my experience, I really believe that the husband need to attend parenting dad classes.  The husbands sometimes tend to look at parenting training as not worthy and wasting of money. Perhaps, we think the kids are all different, so why should we go to training. For me, the best word to describe such attitude is EGO!

By attending parenting classes, it may help us to learn how husband should act in any situation so that we can give the most efficient support to our wife in raising the kids. Trough training, it will help us to get more friends who may have the same situation like us. Thus, we may also gain additional support from friends which eventually may improve our understanding on our kids.

Another support that we can give is to explain to people about homeschooling on both positives and negatives.  Most of people may think that homeschooling is a new method of teaching which is prone to failure. When you tell people about homeschooling, this will allow people to know more about it.  You may share your experience and knowledge which eventually bring into the people’s mind that homeschooling maybe better to their kids.  Honestly, they are many of those who intend to homeschool, but demotivated due to lack of this support.

In conclusion, trash our EGO, keep on learning and support each other.


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