How to deal with people asking your decision on homeschooling? Part 1

It has been a while I left my website.  Lots of research were done to ensure my writing will benefit others from my own experience. It has been a tough decision for me to stick on homeschooling. There was a time where I almost give up.  One of the cause that makes me feel I should send my kids to the normal school is from my own parents.

Since my parents are those who are not so updated with the trend of education, which I believe the same with the majority of your parents, I have been struggling to give my own reason why I insist to keep on homeschooling.

The way I dealt may different to yours. Here are some of my methods, which may be relevant to you. It is not an ultimate technic, but at least, they do work for me, I mean for the time being.

Question 1.

How can your kids socialise without going to school?

Answer 1.

This is a normal question that you can easily google for the answer.

In my case, I said to my parents, “To socialise, it is not only happen at school. It can happen everywhere. They can learn to socialise at the playground, at the library and many other places. In fact, we are able to monitor with whom they are socialising. It is a worrisome that nowadays, there are lots of pedophile cases, not only in Malaysia, but also in many other countries.  I am not saying we can eradicate this issue 100% through homeschooling, however, through this method, it is way better to ensure that our kids are protected.  In a nut shell, the kids are not only able to socialise, in fact, they are way better as they are fully monitored, which in the end, the parents have less burden in order to overcome the social illness in the society.

Question 2.

Will they be able to learn what the teachers teach at school?

Answers 2.


I would say, it is way better. At school, the normal ratio of students to teacher can be more than 20 to 1. However, at homeschooling, the ratio can be less. Most probably, 3 to 1. In this situation, the students, which are our kids, have more attention compared to the school.  I am not saying the students who attend the school are worse than those who are homeschooling. My point is that, for those parents, especially housewife, who are able to teach their children, it is better if you teach your kids yourself, subject to your availability and capability. If you are not confident to teach your kids, then, sending to school is better. As for me, my wife was graduated from accountancy from University of Malaya, No. 1 university in Malaysia. And she was also taking few courses in early childhood. In this situation, she is so confident to teach our kids. In fact, the syllabus taught at school will never be as tough as the syllabus at the university level. As such, there should be no issue for the kids to learn what the teachers are teaching at school. In fact, it can be better as learning at home can be flexible, and the kids will learn from observation of the real thing. For example, when you talk about epithelial cells, how it looks like? With homeschooling, you can easily observe the cells under the microscope. You can learn about planet, by watching it with telescope at night time. In conclusion, there is no issue for the homeschool kids to learn what the teachers teach at school, in fact there are many more benefit that we may discuss in the near future.

To be continued…

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