Time is precious: Go travel!

I am on leave for 2 weeks.

In Malaysia, for assistant professor, we have 25 days eligible to be on leave. Many of us are not using the whole days due to many circumstances.  For academics, the circumstances can be with our lectures, research and supervisions.

I learnt many things from down under especially from my former PhD supervisor, Michael McCullough, a Professor at The University of Melbourne.  I still remember when I refused to take leave as I want to finish my PhD on-time.  He did not agree, instead he sponsored me to go to a conference in New Zealand using his consultation money for more than two weeks.  I was wondering, why he wanted me to go far away from my lab.

And the answer is…

The further I go, the more knowledge I gain.  The further I go, the more experience I get.  By all mean, this trip was definitely breath taking.  The beauty of the nature, the miracle of the natural sculpture, are the views that will be forever in my mind.  Further, it really strengthen the bonding between a dad with his family.


Time is precious. Every single second we used, will never return.  As such, while you can, go travel, as it will broaden your mind and widen your knowledge. Ultimately, strengthen your bond with your family.  For academics, use the opportunity of going conferences with your family.  For homeschoolers, I believe you know that our kids are learning with natures. Bring them out, and let them learn by themselves.

The two weeks given for me to travel with my family to New Zealand was a great gift from my supervisor.  His wisdom is priceless.  He knows his student more than the student himself. I hope I can be like him, a wise supervisor!

Thanks Mike!

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