Be optimistic!

Hi guys,

Have you ever feel frustrated when you see someone is better than you. Have you ever feel sad when you think you lost something that you claimed it should belong to you.  Have you ever feel stress when you noticed, “If only I did a little bit more, I will surely achieve my aim”.

This is happening to everyone. We sometimes claim that people are better than us. Have you ever notice that there are lots of people who wish to become JUST like you!

We always see our colleagues performing better than us in their study, career, family and others.  At the same time, we forgot that we are also achieving something, that could be even better than what our colleagues have ever achieved.

I really believe that we have been achieving the best for us for that point of time. We may achieve better, but there is a ‘super power’, who knows what is the best for us.  For Muslims, we believe Allah knows everything about His creation. As such, it is a COMPULSORY for us to work the best we could, with the best strategy that we have, without forgetting to rely on Allah for the best outcome.

In relation to homeschooling, we may have seen our friends were posting the achievement of their children at school in the Facebook, Instagram and other social media, at the same time, we forgot that our homeschooled kids have been achieving, if not the same, are better than theirs. As such, I urge my fellow colleagues to be more optimistic. Well, it is easier to say.  But, you need to know that, it is a wasting of time to be disappointed because of others that we claimed to better than us. Rather than wasting of our time becoming too pessimist, why don’t we learn and improve our methods, our techniques so that we can be better and eventually achieved our aims?

In conclusion, be optimistic, and BELIEVE that the success will soon be yours!


One thought on “Be optimistic!

  1. In complete agreeance with you on this. Envy can be a dangerous quicksand. Positivity, on the other hand, is contagious, constructive and illuminating… to self and others.

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