Research is the key to a successful homeschooling

Research always been related to the people who are in the lab or those who are involved in academia. For me, I interpret research as a ‘re-search’. Meaning, to anticipate of getting either a good or failure from the action taken. If it is a failure, I have to improve my methods. If it is a success, I have to dig deeper of the knowledge and share with others. This concept is the same with homeschooling.

My wife and I have been doing lots of studies on the pro and cons of homeschooling. We also found out that homeschooling is considered legal in Malaysia. But not so many people are aware about this.

Let’s get back to the topic, even though we have decided to homeschool our kids, it doesn’t mean that we stop doing research on homeschooling. We dig more details of homeschooling that is conducted in many other countries. We search for the information and we share to those who want to know.

And this is what I call ‘research in homeschooling’.



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