Why should you be sad when you deserve happiness

I have been doing many things with my family and my career until I have no time to write this post.  It has been a very beautiful and enjoyable weeks. It seems too many happiness moments happened around me.

Out of sudden, I just noticed something bad happeni to my research. My bacteria doesn’t grow as it should be. On top of it, my work has been very though nowadays, which I don’t think it is appropriate for me to say it here.

I was feeling so discouraged, sad and demotivated.

But, do I have to focus on this silly thingy which doesn’t make any positive in my career as well as a homeschool dad?

The answer is 100% NO.

To strive for excellent, we have to look into the positive. It is true we have many bad things happen around us. But, there are more good things are also happening around us.

Becoming pessimist will stop our creativity. Be optimistic and you deserve a better future.

In conclusion, why should we be sad when we deserve more happiness.


One thought on “Why should you be sad when you deserve happiness

  1. Indeed Hafiz! Happiness is up for grabs at every turn of our load-bearing necks. Our mind can sometimes inhibit the subtle and gentle growth of optimism. Banish the negativity and in Sha Allah things will look, feel, sound and become better. Well done for pushing through!! Pain is kind to most kinds of growth.

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