Think about yourself

We have been burden with many responsibilities, yet we have time to response to the negative comments in the social media.  We said we are so stressful with our duty, yet we still have time to slander or at least listening to a slander.

My respected readers,

What can you do if people are against you? Particularly in your decision for homeschooling. And that people claim he/she knows better than you are.

People sometimes ask, “Why do you have to homeschool when there are many good schools out there?”.  Even if you answer to the question properly and academically, people will still insist with what they believe about homeschooling.

As such, my thought is to take their ‘advice’ as a challenge. A challenge to disprove of what they said, the negativity of homeschooling or anything that you believe. You yourself know better about what you have decided.  This apply to any of your decision too.  Once you decided, that’s it, you have to move on.

I would like to advice to all my fellow readers to not even response, reply even forward any of the negative status or updates as that can make other readers that know nothing about what we are discussing will also involve into that ‘stupid’ conversation.  You are actually promoting their negative thought on what we believe.

My opinion, it is better to look into ourself. Look into what we have done today.  If we did worse than yesterday, it means we need to plan clearly on how to improve ourself for tomorrow.  What is past, is past. The future is still in our control.  You can’t change others, but you can change yourself and your family.  As a dad, I am the leader to my family.  I am the driver.  If I lost, all the passengers will lost.

In conclusion, as an advice for me and to those who may think this advice fit you: “Don’t talk about others, instead, use that time TO THINK ABOUT YOURSELF and your family”.


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