Procrastination: the killer to homeschooling

As a researcher, lecturer, dad and now, a blogger, I found out it has been very tiring and stressful.  While preparing for the grants application, writing journals to be published, dealing with others’ problem, reading my students’ thesis, preparing proposal for students’ activity, thinking of people who are not listening to my instruction and so on (the list will never end), HAVE been a BIG burden for me.  And this makes me feel so down.

I was returning home quite early yesterday. But I hate to switch on my laptop. I don’t want to write down anything.  I know, by looking to my facebook, it will be more stressful. I was imaging that people might think that I am a good homeschool dad. A person who has no problem at all. A perfect academics!

My wife asked, “Is there anything happen to you?”. As usual, with smile I answered, “Nothing. All good, sayang (darling)”. I know she has been working a lot teaching our kids, doing all the house works and so on. She was graduated from The Faculty of Accountancy, University of Malaya, the number 1 university in Malaysia.  She was one of the best student during her foundation.  She was also a very successful accountant. But she quitted her profession and followed me to Melbourne.  Now, we were back in Malaysia and she insist to keep on focusing to our kids. Enough of giving her trouble.

Damn. It was so stressful!

6 O’clock in the morning. While waiting for Fajr prayer, I went to the bathroom, clean up myself. I still wondering, “What is going on?”

I prayed Fajr. After finishing my prayer, I stayed on the prayer mat for few minutes, thinking. Thinking of why am I so stressful. What should I do now? My kids want to see my happy face. As well as my wife. Once I’m happy, everyone will be happy. And my homeschool will run happily. Eventually, I noticed something that is not right!

I have been PROCRASTINATING! I was not clear with my priority. I jumbled up my work!

With this thought, I went to the office at 7.30 am. Once reached to the office, immediately I wrote down all my plan for today. Not on my smartphone, but on the white board.  I jotted down all my planned activities, together with the activities for my kids. I need to plan nicely. I need a plan that fit my time as a homeschool dad. I have to understand my priority.

It has been 10 minutes I used to write this post.

I think that is enough to share my feeling from yesterday of being a researcher-homeschool dad. My priority for now is to check my postgraduate students’ proposal. To conclude, PROCRASTINATION should be removed from the dictionary of a dad for the success of his homeschooling.

Wish me luck!



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