Homeschooling: my own definition

I asked myself, what if my kids learn botany from our gardens, microbiology from my laboratory and astronomy in the middle of the field.  Does it still considered a homeschool? Immediately I googled, searching for the definition of homeschooling:

“The education of children at home by their parents.”

This does not fit with my ‘homeschool’.  Then I made my own definition:

“Homeschooling is the education of children at anywhere by parents or anyone even anything!”

This definition seems perfect with me.  Perhaps, different individual may have different interpretation on the terminology of ‘homeschooling’.

Like the other homeschool parents, I prefer my kids to learn at their own pace.  As parents, we guide them and correct their misunderstanding.  We should provide them the real education that is beyond what they can observe in the text book.  For my kids, we bring them outside to find the planets, to touch the worms, to feel the soil and many more activities.

People might think that homeschooling is only about home and parents. The communication will be very limited. And ‘home’ will be the only ‘school’ for the homeschoolers.  As such, their ability to socialise will be very bad.

Do you think my kids are bad at socialising?

We do bring our kids to camping for many times.  From the middle of the desert to the middle of the forest. Either with the homeschoolers or with the kids who are going to the ordinary school.  Interestingly, I found out, my kids can easily communicate without a single problem.  And this makes me believe that the kids have their own instinct.  An instinct to befriend with others.

To sum up, everyone can have their own definition for homeschooling. As for me, homeschooling is beyond what the ordinary people think. And this proves that the homeschool parents are really EXTRAORDINARY.

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling: my own definition

  1. I found this very interesting amd I would like to ask a few question if I may? Are you yourself homeschool before? What makes you choose homeschool for your children rather than ordinary school? And do you think there is something lacking with the schooling system today?

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