The journey begins here

Today, I opened up my own website. At first, I was asking myself, why do I need a website? Do I have time to write down everything when I have many other things to do with my job. Do I want to show off?  What happen if someone disagree with me? Am I going to be disappointed? Even I was so scared to declare myself ‘a dad who homeschool his own kids’.  I was thinking and still thinking, either this decision is the best for my kids or is it going to end with a disaster.

Nah, get rid of all those negative thinking. Once you are negative, it will always be negative.

I have to move on.  As a professional, as a dad, a husband and also a son, I think I need to record my story somewhere. Somewhere people can read even when I die.   I need to record all the happy and sad moments for the reference to those who are searching the real life of a homeschool dad. And here,

The true story of a homeschool dad.

20th of February 2018

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