I am a super dad

Everyone knows Superman. A guy with letter ‘S’ on his chest who can fly high in the sky. A guy who can raise a truck with one hand. A guy who can do almost everything.

But here, in this small house, is a father who claimed himself as a super dad. What is so ‘super’ about me? I can’t even see clearly without my glasses.  But I insist, I am really a super dad.

I think I am a super dad.

I am brave enough to tell people around me, to declare myself as a dad who is homeschooling his children.  I am strong enough to stand still with my decision to homeschool my kids. Even when the people around me are discussing about their kids’ ‘extraordinary’ performance at their ‘ordinary’ school.

I think I am a super dad.

I can see what others can’t see on my kids.  My kids’ ability and creativity.  I don’t need super power to understand my kids. I believe other dads too. I trust my kids.  I always believe they can do beyond my expectation, and that justify why I am a super dad.

I think I am a super dad.

Every time I reach home after working at the University, I always see my home as a ‘paradise’.  Even when the toys, the books are everywhere.  Even when I see my wife is not like what I always see in the movie.  What ever it is, for me, all of that are the ‘decorations’ that will always be remembered.  Why do I  care so much about tidiness, when on one site, I can see my kids and their teacher, which is my wife, are really enjoying their homeschool.

Indeed, I am a super dad!

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